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    Let's start at the beginning...

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    4 Feelings and 4 Emotions

    We strongly encourage you to read thoroughly the 4 Feelings Bubble and the 4 Emotions Bubble before diving into the unmixed emotions Bubble.

    Feelings, emotions and mixed emotions are distinctions far outside of the modern culture gameworld.

    Building matrix in your 5 bodies might be necessary before actually starting the work of separating mixed emotions.


    However, it is not because you are not aware of a distinction that this distinction is not acting in your life.

    It is possible that most people actually carry mixed emotions in their bodies.

    There is nothing wrong or bad about this. And, much disempowerment occurs through unconsciously mixing root emotions together.


    For example, when you mix anger and sadness together you will have an experience known as depression. Depression is simply the name that has been given to what it feels like to blend anger with sadness. You can have the experience of depression any time you want simply by mixing anger and sadness together. You can also end the experience of depression any time you want simply by separating the anger and sadness from each other and experiencing and expressing each of them in their pure form.


    The same is true for the other emotions mixes, as shown in the Map of Mixed Emotions below.

    • Mixing sadness and fear creates isolation or despair.
    • Mixing anger and fear creates hysteria.
    • Mixing sadness and joy creates nostalgia, sentimentality or melancholy.
    • Mixing joy and fear creates the excitement of careless risk taking.
    • Mixing anger and joy creates schadenfreude: feeling glad when someone else loses or feels pain.
    • Mixing three emotions together creates sensations that are particularly gripping, such as superiority, jealousy, greed, envy, guilt, shame, vengeance, and lack of self-esteem. Because three emotions are involved and the sensations are so strong, it can seem as if the situation is unresolvable. Yet three-emotion mixes can also be directly unmixed.
    • Mixing four emotions together is what causes burnoutemotional paralysis and psychological breakdown – a very confusing, disempowering and disturbing experience.
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      These states can be easily and suddenly transformed when the emotions are separated and experienced in their pure form.


      I have seen this demonstrated in remarkable fashion innumerable times when persons suffering from near catatonia by mixing together three or four emotions went through the short guided process of respectfully separating their emotions one from the other. These people suddenly regained levels of functionality and relationship they had not experienced in years, if ever.


      This is a revolutionary discovery, as yet unknown in modern society. Even healing practitioners, for the most part, do not yet teach the simple inner navigation skills of separating the emotions. And they could. Here is the thoughtmap.


      Although largely unknown in mainstream culture, having clarity about mixed emotions is a cornerstone of next culture. If you are a psychotherapist, mediator, trainer, consultant, healer or nurse and you demand that your clients separate their emotions while they communicate, you may be shocked by how effectively this procedure brings a person back into their own natural health and sanity.


      Here is a scary question: how many people take brain drugs or are locked away in institutions simply because they submit themselves to the belief system of a society that does not yet have clarity about mixed emotions?


      Bringing clarity about emotions into mainstream society starts with teaching teachers. If you care about children then you have a job on your bench: find ways to require teachers in modern-society schools to gain adult level feeling skills and communications training as elements of their qualification before being certified to work as a teacher.


      Will you do it?

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      Phase 1 of emotion work includes unmixing emotion two, three or four at a time.

      The four primary emotions – mad, sad, glad, and scared – are useful for healing when experienced in their pure form. Mixing emotions is not bad or wrong; it simply creates certain disempowering results, such as superiority, lack of self-esteem, confusion, or depression.


      Modern culture does not want its citizens empowered to think and feel independently or it would provide an entirely different educational system. Next culture requires clear emotions from you. Your first steps into next culture may well be through unmixing your emotions.


      For this example we will unmix anger and sadness, which when mixed cause the sensation of depression.

      Mixing anger with sadness is like mixing cow poop 💩 and milk 🥛. Cow poop has its uses. Milk has other uses. Mixing the two together produces slime. The same is true of emotions. Even if you feel both anger and sadness about the same thing, the two emotions can be experienced and expressed distinctly and clearly, each in its own measure and to its own end.

      To step out of depression (or other mixed emotions), follow this procedure:

      1. The instant you notice sensations of depression, set aside ten minutes to separate your emotions. It helps a lot to have a trusted listener with you. They can help detect when your emotions are pure, and they can listen to your emotions to complete communications with you.
      2. Take a deep breath, center yourself, and relax into your sensations.
      3. Close your eyes. Then energetically reach deep into your chest area with both hands. Use your fingers and intention to untangle the emotions. 👉 Like in the picture.
      4. Collect all the anger into your right hand and all the sadness into your left hand. Take your time to slowly pull them apart.
      5. Put the sadness on an imaginary shelf with your left hand so you can get to it later. Bring the anger back into your chest with your right hand.
      6. Responsibly experience and express pure anger. Make boundaries, start/stop things, change things, say yes, say no, make decisions, etc.
      7. Next, with your right hand pull the pure anger out and put it on a shelf. Then with your left hand pull the pure sadness into your chest.
      8. Responsibly experience and express pure sadness. Share your pain, grieve changes, let go of expectations, connect heart to heart, etc. You may feel sad about the same things you were angry about, or sad about other things. But now the emotions are pure, no longer mixed.
      9. Stay on guard. You have habitually mixed your emotions for many years, and you are just starting to insist on pure emotions. The instant you notice emotions creeping back together, immediately repeat this procedure. Keep your emotions apart with clear intention. Get used to the new possibilities.
      10. In daily life, you may feel angry in one moment and sad in the next, but there is no more depression. You never need to mix your emotions again. By keeping your emotions separated, the symptoms of mixed emotion vanish.